Der Vacufit Body Performer hilft aktiv und unterstützend bei Deinem Figur- und Gesundheitstraining, verkürzt die Regenerationszeit und optimiert das körperlichen Gleichgewicht
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Intermittent vacuum therapy

Origin in space medicine
Vascular diseases are among the highest cost centres in the health care system. Incidences are rising and the quality of life of those affected continues to decline with increasing age.

The Intermittent vacuum therapy -IVT- has its technological origin in space medicine. In the absence of gravity (weightlessness), astronauts in space must undergo negative pressure application in an LBNPD (Lower Body Negative Pressure Device) every ten hours to avoid orthostatic complications due to an insufficient baroreflex; this is the only way to ensure sufficient blood flow in the periphery.

The further development of the LBNPD is the innovative VACUMED® Flow Regeneration System. The procedure was developed by Weyergans High Care AG together with the Institute of Space Medicine of the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

How Intermittent Vacuum Therapy - IVT - works

Like a second external heart
Intermittent vacuum therapy - IVT - alternately applies negative pressure (vacuum) and positive pressure to the lower extremities. This physiologically causes rhythmic vascular dilation and vascular compression, through that naturally provoking and the >>flow<< in a purely physical way.

The result: Blood circulation, capillarization and increase in venous and lymphatic reflux.